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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Itinerary: Rohtang, Anjani Mahade

Apr 28: It was last working day of the week, and Monday was a holiday, so we 5 decided to move out of Delhi. Travera pinged outside my room, while I was ready with my packed bag for a 3 day visit to Rohtang – which means a place of dead bodies. With a lazy start, it was around 12 at midnight that we left Delhi.

Jayant is jovial at all times. We all enjoyed his gags till we reached Karnal and after few inane words we all took little sleep till we reached Kiratpur (at around 6 AM).

ACC cement factory, in Bilaspur, appeared as if it’s a kind of nuclear plant – Aman laughed when Mayank said this. We stoptook our B’fast at Mayur restraint. If you started off like ours, then do take your B’fast at Mayur Restaurant (it is after HPMC fruit juice plant near Sundar Nagar). RV got excited when we get to Himalayan hoof at Pandoh.

It was fantastic taking bath in the chilled water of Beas River near Kullu – thanks to driver for his captivating idea. If you don’t dare of water, especially chilled, do take a dip.

As we moved on towards Kullu, we didn’t felt cold as we expected. Cool breeze started as we approached Manali, just 45 Km from Kullu. In Kullu, procure the eminent Kullu shawls. It was 2 PM by the time we reached Manali – named after Manu and means adobe of Manu. Amazingly, but disappointedly Aman asked if we reached Manali? We were not shivering yet.

We started searching room downwards from Nehru chowk and got a decently good dual room for Rs 400 at hotel Vijayant. Without delay, we left to the ancient cave temple of Hidimba Devi (3Km) and enjoyed the majesty forests. Mayank shot beautiful photographs with his Canon dSLR.

We had our dinner at Adarsh restaurant (fairly good food, but best if we are to compare it with other hotels which we tried for rest of our stay at Manali).

Apr 29: Rohtang

We left towards Rohtang at 12 noon. It’s a 40 Km stretch till Beas Naala – the source of River Beas and we managed to go till this place only, as Army restricts civilians’ incursion thereafter until road is clear. Start off early otherwise the single road will be heavily congested.

Skiing, rolling and tube skating were the best tricks we all enjoyed. The climate is highly unpredictable. Moment we reached and left Vyaas Naala, conditions were totally changed. Half heartedly, we left this fantastic place at 7. Return trip was easy as all others have already left and the road was clear.

We ended up at a restaurant (couldn’t remember the name, but it was near to Mayur restaurant). We ordered Gujrati and Punjabi thali – none of which had a good taste. With his hilarious jokes, Jayant besieged the entire milieu. RV added aroma to it. With all laughing and fighting, we slept at 3 in crack of dawn. So this was our first day at Manali. Full of joy.

Apr 30 and May 1: Solang Valley, Para-gliding, Anjani Mahadev, Way back to delhi.

We had planned to visit the valley. It is 15 Km away from Manali on the same way as Rohtang, but beware to take the left turn. Solang looks more like a fair ground in between deodar trees.

To enjoy para-gliding, you have to climb the little slant hill. The panoramic view of Solang comes from top and especially during para-gliding. Aman and Mayank, being the daring ones, tried out Para gliding. Aman’s flight was awful, but Mayank’s aide made the preeminent air travel. Then we three (me, RV, and Jayant) went ahead to have fun with it. Its nto worth Rs 600 as the union charges, but nice to have for one time. Mine was the worst of all as the aide was too heavy.

None of us will forget the lesson learnt from a juggler. He was same as in GURU. There were three strikers, all were colored downside – two were black and one was red. But the tricky part was when he changes the color by just pressing it. We lost Rs 5000 to him. But we learnt a wonderful lesson from him. At the side of this man, I saw a signpost portraying Rohtang tunnel. 10.5 Km long, which is South Portal Approach Road joining Solang to Keylong.

As we all were moving back to Manali, somebody asked a local about any other place we could visit here. It was our treat of the day. In addition to the immaculate beauty, Solang Valley occludes ‘Anjani Mahadev’. We rambled towards Anjani Mahadev temple, just 4 Km away. To our surprise the temple was covered with lot of snow around it. Ladders were covered with snow. Quickly and enthusiastically we climbed the way. The very redolence of spiritualism was intoxicating. Two saints told us about the place. Anjani Mahadev was founded by Baba Prakesh Puri ji Maharaj, 20 years ago when he found ice-made shivlangam (35-40fts high). Most electrifying view was when we saw water falling from 300 ft height onto shivalingm. It is supposed that mother of lord Hanuman, Anjani worshipped here. We had exquisite photography. The amusing part was the dive by Aman while crossing the gorge. So, if you ever plan to visit Manali, situated in North province of India, Himachal Pradesh then don’t forget to step in Anjani Mahadev.

As we approached Manali back, we planned to play, and moved towards Club House (move right when going towards Hadimba temple). Club House was created 10 years ago by Sports ministry of Himachal which hosts both indoor and outdoor games, and charge a fair amount too.

It was too tiring a day. We went to Mayur restaurant and everybody enjoyed dinner there. By the time we reach the room back everybody wanted to sleep, but we decided to return to Delhi and skipped water rafting. We started at 2 in night and reached Mandi by 3:30. But RV got pooped and vomited. Then we decided to go to my home (which was on the way), took rest and left. We reached Chandigarh by 7 PM. We had our dinner at Mirchi, 15 Km behind Ambala. It’s a decent place with good food. Check it out.

Our trip was full of chatter, I would rather say.

May 2: Welcome back to Delhi with soaring 42 degree temperature.