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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Chamba Khajjiar Excursion Apr 12, 2007

Dalhousie is a gateway to Chamba (10th AD primordial state), with its innate exquisiteness. Situated at an altitude of 6800 feet, it’s an incredible place.

Along with my friend, I left Delhi to Pathankot at around 11 in night on Apr 12. There are few direct transportation buses between our capital and Chamba. We planned it late to visit Chamba but one can plan and leave Delhi via train to Pathankot and then take another short journey to Dalhousie or Chamba. Dalhousie is better known for her stretch over 5 hills. But I liked the cool breeze with fairly good amount of sunlight at the ridge. We reached Dalhousie at around 1 PM on APR 13 (half of our day gone astray). One can find numerous number of Hotels, Resorts and Guest Houses there. After negotiation, we got a discounted room in Hotel Geetanjali for around INR 400. Dalhousie city is spread over three little places connect to each other with road, called as The Mall. Gandhi Chowk, Subhash Chowk and Bus Stand. We took our lunch at hotel only and without delay, left the hotel, after having lunch, towards Panchpula.

Panchpula have a historic effigy of late ajeet singh (Bhagat Sign’s paternal uncle). Panchpula has a beautiful waterfall.

Day2: Khajjiar - Chamba - Ravi – Chamera tour:

After a 6 hrs sleep, I awoke at 6 in the morning, took bath and had little walk on the Mall. There were the most relaxing moments of whole trip. We went to Scottish Church, but since it was closed we got no more information. We booked a cab yesterday evening with Prince travels, who have well settled transport business in Dalhousie. They charged INR 250 per person and accommodate 8 people in that cab. Our cab left towards Khajjiar, but stopped at Lakkarmandi to let us have some pics in beautiful hills.

We had a pic with Satish. He was there for a movie shoot out in Bakhot hills.

Khajjiar is the most exotic and scenic beauty place around 22 Km from Dalhousie.

At an altitude of 6400 ft, this saucer like, green meadow, with a small lake at center, is enclosed between deodar trees. I liked horseback riding and strolling.

We reached Chamba city at around 2:30 PM, but got disappointed after looking at chaotic condition of Chugan promenade.

The famous Manjar festival takes place in Chugan. Chamba has her history as old a 10th AD.

At that time, the Laxhmi Narayan temples were built. These temples have lord Vishnu and Shiva effigies. There are Sui mata and Chamunda temples uphill around 3 Km away. Chamba is situated along side river Ravi (locally known as Iravati).

We missed the opportunity to visit Rang Mahal due to shortage of time. Also, adding to our bad luck, the Bhuri Singh museum was closed for state holiday.

There was a marvelous view of snow on 11000 feet high mountains of Pangi Valley.

From local people I came to know that river Chandrabhaga (or Chenab) gorges through it. One should stand for a while near Chugan and experience soothing sound of Ravi.

Next we moved on to Chamera in kriyan village। NHPC Chamera is divided into 3 stages as Chamera 1, 2, 3 located at different places - Kheri, kriyan, garola।

दय३: दैन्कुंद, कलातोप

Trekking 10000 feet hills is always adventurous, so how could we miss such an opportunity? Dainkund is 15 Km ahead of Dalhousie towards Khajjiar. Turn right at Lakkarmandi, 10 Km from Dalhousie. We started walking the hill at 10:30 and reached our destiny at 11:45. Dainkund is 5 Km uphill, but we took shortcuts, which are always tiring to thighs. After half the walk is over, one could see Air Force Radar at hill टॉप.


Joyjit Bhattacharya said...

Hi Vikas!
Your trip seems very attractive and adventurous from the descriptions and pics you have captured.In the background the scenery is so natural n beautiful which makes it so attractive.We Indians leave such amazing place within our country and look for heavenly places outside India.We are so wrong I guess at times.

Ripple said...

quite tempting and well explained journey...

live with love in common people said...

Hi Vikas,
After surffing through ur blog anyone can be attracted to visit Himachal. U have explained ur trip in a very good manner. I can imagin that u relived the moments while u were typing the words on ur keyboard. Well done.

State Unknown said...

It’s really wonderful blog .. and many of us could actually have decided to go on such full of adventures trip..and enjoy the ecstasy at the fullest.... Vikas has done a great job writing them and providing useful information near and around Delhi.. love u Vikas for such an amazing info...

Naresh Pandit said...

Nice work Vikas.
Add more pics to this & give link of visithimachal & gohimachal.
Great work.
Pehli bri kuch khra kitya tain.

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